Passbolt Pro v4 - blank web GUI

I have been tasked to get our business instance of Passbolt operational again. Approx 4-6 weeks ago, all users were suffering the same symptoms - Passbolt web GUI being blank (attached). The extension quick search dropdown option works fine to search and find content but that is about it.

Passbolt version from CLI - Linux passbolt-pro 4.19.0-24-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.282-1 (2023-04-29) x86_64

I have updated/upgraded the VM and there is nothing left to update, everything is up to date. I updated the server via the “update/debian-package” and “update/ubuntu-package” support pages.

When I run the health check via web UI (https://passbolt.xxxx.xxxx.xx/healthcheck), I get two errors which I don’t know if they are causes/symptoms/unrelated:

  • Could not reach the /healthcheck/status with the url specified in App.fullBaseUrl
  • Could not connect to passbolt repository to check versions. It is not possible check if your version is up to date.

I have myself and got other users to remove/reinstall the plugin in the browsers that used to work as well as another browser which don’t change anything. We use and support MS Edge and Chrome browsers. Personally, I am running:
MS Edge - Version 114.0.1823.51 (Official build) (64-bit)
Chrome - Version 114.0.5735.134 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Passbolt browser extension 4.0.4 (both browsers)

This is the first time I am posting in here so please feel free to ask for further information or suggestions to try. This seems to be a familiar issue but there doesn’t seem to be any direct surefire fix unfortunately.


Hi @pncc-jimmy As a Pro user there is support at Thank you for being a Pro user!

What you are describing, among with the timeframe sounds like what happened with older API 2.x versions in combination with automatically updating newer 4.x extensions as they rolled out. But as you are reporting a 4.x API some investigation is needed. Please reference this post when you write in thanks.