Firefox keyboard shortcut missing

Passbolt’s extension for Chrome has a shortcut to activate Passbolt as a drop-down, as well as a shortcut to open passbolt in a new tab.

The Firefox addon only has open in new tab. Why not the dropdown? I find that extremely more useful, so i can quickly autofill logins.

I’d even go further and ask for a shortcut to autofill credentials when only one matching entry is found. However, I understand there might be security concerns against that.

Hi @Hiddi :wave:

Thanks for reporting this to us. It seems the “Activate the extension” shortcut is a chrome feature, as it can be enabled on any installed extension.
I don’t see this in Firefox. By the way, we created a ticket ref. PB-9728 to implement this in Firefox. We will keep you informed once it will be implemented.

Did you noticed new features of the last updated extension :smiley: ? there is an autofill included :wink: