Get passbolt in the cloud

Hello all,

We are looking for installing the cloud version of PassBolt but we understand that is not already available.

Is it true ? When can we use the Cloud version, the one at 19€/month ?

Really need a quick reply and need your help for that,
Looking forward to your reply,



Hello @Floriane,

Passbolt cloud will be available on invite-only basis starting from next week. You can follow the link to take the survey to receive an invitation when we launch:


Hello Remy,

I thank you so much for your reply. Thus, we will. That is awesome cause we really want to make use of Cloud hosted version.

We would like to use the solution at entreprise level in the next weeks. Do you think it could be possible to use the cloud offer by end of july ?

Looking forward to your reply,
Still thanks a lot for your reply,



Yes it will definitely be ready in July. I will send you an invitation when we’re ready.
Thanks for your kind words,

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