Passbolt sends users free trial for cloud

I’ve set up passbolt pro successfully but when I invite users, they receive an email for Passbolt Cloud free trial rather than an invite to my on prem server. To be clear, we’re not using passbolt cloud at all it’s all on prem. Any ideas?


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Can you describe the process you are following to invite the users?

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I’m clicking users, create user and entering their name and email address from my on prem passbolt instance.

@mwimpelberg maybe your users are going to and creating an account there? It is not possible for them to receive the email otherwise, as this email is not present in the passbolt api code (you can verify this yourself).

The email that they’re receiving doesn’t have a link to my passbolt URL. It says welcome to passbolt cloud.

Maybe they are not receiving your email? Maybe they are going to and creating an account there instead?

As I said it’s simply not possible for this email to be sent from your instance (look for the the content / subject of the email in the code, it is not there).

@mwimpelberg When you install passbolt extension directly from the marketplace, and that it is not configured you will see a screen like bellow. I suspect your users are doing this and clicking on “cloud hosted”. You should communicate to them to follow the link you sent instead (by giving them the email address you used in the installation, so they can find it in their mailbox).

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I had to update my SMTP settings. I’m all set now!

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