Passbolt as personal password manager

Hi, I use password manager for quite a while, and considering switching to passbolt as a company password manager.
For now Pricing for cloud-hosted access start at $19/month for 15 users. I was just wondering if it is planned to publish a single-user, per-user or per 5 users licences for personal use or family password management.
I currently use keepass with online sync but it is not the most convenient, and I don’t especially pop a keepasshttp on one of my server for security reasons.
I am trying to slowly switch to Lastpass as it seems to be one of the most convenient online-based password manager, but I don’t really like to use a closed-source software as password manager.

I was just wondering if this could ever be considered.

Hi @Thiryn yes it is possible for us to make a custom subscription key for 5 users, just write an email to us at

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