Passbolt Pro for Individuals?

Hi, I’ve currently been using 1Password so far for my password manager and am looking to move to a self hosted solution (Passbolt) to move everything away from the cloud, so to speak.

However, I was disappointed to see that Passbolt’s Free version is limited in terms of features compared to 1Password and the Pro version, which does claim to offer many of said features, is only offered as a €19/mo subscription (by comparison, I pay €4.24/mo currently for 1Password which is cloud hosted.)

I would love to see a Pro version targeted more at individuals at a reduced cost for non-commercial use. Is this something that has been considered or planned at all?

Hello Joseph,

We do propose individual custom subscription for one or two users depending on your needs. Feel free to shoot us an email at


Thanks, I’ve sent an email.