Grammatical error in recover.js - change to variables

There is a small grammatical error in browser extension ‘recovery.js’ code.

(“p”,null,“Both the private key and passphrase are required to perform an account recovery. If you do not access, you can request a new account to the administrator.”)

(“p”,null,“Your unique private key and passphrase used to create the key are both required to perform account recovery. If you no longer have your private key, or cannot remember your passphrase, you will need to request a new account from the administrator.”)

Are there any plans to move these many strings to resource-file static constants so they can be easily altered and/or translated?

Hi @Cordeos We definitely welcome pull requests on things like this. Those strings are found in our GitHub - passbolt/passbolt_styleguide: Passbolt styleguide repo. It would be great for you to contribute in this way.

There are plans to provide translation features which will be related to your question and it will allow for string edits. As an aside, when the feature becomes available string edits would not be available in the extension unless the user performs a rebuild of the extension for themselves.

We will announce the translation feature when it’s available.

Thanks, we will try to post all the string changes we fixed as we have gone through nearly all of them and made quite a few changes (improvements? hmmm… subjective).

We have already come up against the painful limitations of encapsulating the UI in a browser extension - like having to rebuild, resign, re-distribute the extension to everyone in order to fix one small type-o.

Our solution has been to create, build, sign and upload complete custom extensions for firefox and chrome. We added a small backend db table with string records and fields equal to each language code, together with an initial, very rudimentary pass of the string arrays at the tail end of logon. We are currently stuck with how best to safely and securely expose this ahead of logon - since even the entire setup/recovery process is also now annoyingly hard-pressed into the extension code.

@Cordeos I look forward to your contribution on those strings you think need attention, thanks.