How can I recover the private key?

One of my administrators create all the passwords and didn’t backup his private key. I have access to the entire server how can i recover his private key or reset/delete the user.

While deleting its showing that the user is the owner for some passwords so i have to transfer ownership but that option is not active for obvious reasons.

Can i log on to phpmyadmin or something in these lines and recover his private keys.

Hi @nikhilmozika,

The private key is not stored on the server. In the future we will add some additional backup mechanism (currently only “manual” backup is available).

In may we will fix the issue of not being able to transfer the ownership of passwords: see As an admin, while deleting a user who is the sole owner of a password that is shared, I should be able to transfer the ownership to another user in order to be able to perform the deletion


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