How can use two different passbolt profiles on same computer?

In my company, there are 2 passbolts. I connected to the 1st one and then to the 2nd one. And now I can’t access the first one. How to find a connection on the 1st passbolt? How to manage 2 passbolts on the same computer?
thank you for your help

Hello Elodie,

Currently there is no built-in mechanism to manange multiple accounts in the browser extension.

However it is possible to use “browser profiles”. We use this system at passbolt to switch between test instances, test profiles, etc.

Each browser profiles will have it’s own passbolt configuration, e.g. you can create “passbolt 1” and “passbolt 2” browser profiles.

See for example on chrome: Set up Chrome browser - Google Workspace Learning Center

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