Issues uUdating version from 2.13.5 to v3.7.1 on Fedora

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We are trying to update the version on the server from 2.13.5 to v3.7.1 following the next intructions:

We used yum for installing all the dependencies.

After making all the changes it says in the manual and after rebooting the system, the version is still 2.13.5.

Could anyone ever update the version on the server successfully?

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Hi @Sil :wave: and welcome to passbolt community forum :vulcan_salute:

You followed the update procedure for those who installed passbolt from our RedHat package. This package is available since the 3.6.0 version.

With 2.13.5, I’m pretty sure you have an installation from source. You should follow this guide who can be executed on the same server: Passbolt Help | Migrate an existing Passbolt CE to a new Red Hat server

Ensure you have backups and you are able to rollback in case of problem.

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Hi @_jc ,

Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

We want to upgrade a RHEL 7.5 server containing Passbolt version 2.13 to the latest 3.7.1. Both in the forum and in the last support case that we opened to you, you told us we could use this manual:

We see that it explain how to migrate to another server configuring the DB again and it is not what we need. Since the only thing we want is to update the version, we can understand that steps 5 and 6 would be enough, but it hasn’t solved anything either:

Can you give us the correct indications to be able to update the version?

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Hi @Sil You can pretend you are migrating to a different server. Back up the data and components according to the instructions, install with new package, and then use your backed up database and data as shown before starting migration command.

The new package will locate app files in locations different from previous versions. Make sure to back up your data and files first.

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