JavaScript code is not processed when loading the login Passbolt page

Dear Helpers

Is there a way to run JavaScript on the Passbolt login page because I want to inform users, for example, a possible scheduled server shutdown? I would like a simple alert box with the scheduled shutdown time when the user loads the side.
I tried to place my JavaScript code into the login.ctp but it does not do anything when I want to display an alert box or click on a button.
Could someone help me, that there is a solution to my problem? And if there is a way, how can I resolve it?

Thanks for all help.

Hello @Berti

By default the Content Security Policy of passbolt prevents inline scripts or third party domain scripts to run on a passbolt page. This is to prevent rogue scripts from trying to access the webextension API or perform some phishing on the page.

It is possible however to run your custom javascript if you place it a file and serve it on the same domain.

Let me know if this makes sense, feel free to post example of your code here if you are stuck.

@Berti btw I created a feature request in the backlog for the issue you are trying to solve: As an administrator I would like to be able to display an information banner to my users