Page does not load in Chrome or Edge

Hello, we have a problem in organization, since two weeks our page of passbolt does not load correctly in Chrome or Edge, after entering the passphrase only shows the search engine but does not allow you to do anything and does not show saved keys, it only loads correctly in firefox. The plugin if it works correctly in all browsers.
It has been verified that javascript is activated and everything necessary in the browser.
What could be the problem?
Attached capture of the state in which the page remains.

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Hey, this looks like a recent issue where if your passbolt server is still running v2 then the v4 extension won’t display the page correctly. Could you check what version is running on the server?


We have de 2.11.0 versión running on the server.

In that case updating your server is going to be the best way to resolve this. We have the instructions for that here

You also may want to consider moving to the package installation and migrating to a new server which is more up to date. Instructions for both of those actions can be found here

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Hi, i update the passbolt server versión and now Passbolt interface is showing correctly.

Thank you.

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Hello, We have the same issue here, we tried to use an older version of the Passbolt extension in firefox but we are still getting the same issue(Blank Page). Is there any other solution than upgrading our server wich is running on 2.13.5?

hey @david931 welcome to the forum!

The solution here will be to update the server. We have guides for that and I’d recommend migrating to a new vm/server as that will also take care of making sure you are on an up to date OS

Hello Clayton,

Thank you very much for the answer. Since we need to migrate, we were wondering if it is something possible to migrate to AWS AMI CE from the version that we have actually. Do we have any documentation for doing that?

Thanks in advance

We don’t actually have a dedicated guide for moving to the AMI but that is something we could consider.

Since the AMI is based on debian you can mostly follow the instructions for that with a few changes.

You won’t need to install passbolt since it is already there. You should be able to just run sudo dpkg-reconfigure passbolt-ce-server and then follow the instructions from the “Migrate data” section of the migrate to a new debian server instructions