Mail issue with users I added

Hi guys,

I started with passbolt today and so far I went through the installation without issues. I installed it on a local Debian System and I was already able to login. When I added a new user - I created beside the admin account a second one which I want to use by myself - I noticed that I made a configuration mistake regarding my email (I use my Provider for that). Checking at the FAQ and at few comments in this community I found the issue and when I run

`./cake passbolt send_test_email --recipient=>My email address>`

the test went through successful and I received the test mail. So far I guess the configuration of my passbolt.php is correct.

For receiving the credentials of the user I added I tried to ways. First I login with a different browser and clicked on recover, after I received nothing I tried to delete the account and add it again, still no mail.

Have you an idea what went wrong here or maybe I have to restart passbolt (in case please let me know how to to because I noticed that there are few services running).

Thanks and kind regards


Hello @Stefan,

Did you set up a cron job? Emails are placed in a queue that needs to be processed by the following shell.

$ ./bin/cake EmailQueue.sender

You can add a cron call to the script so the emails will be sent every minute. Add the following line to you crontab:

 * * * * * /var/www/passbolt/bin/cake EmailQueue.sender >> /var/log/passbolt.log
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Hi Remy,

Thanks a lot! I did not know that and did not read about it.

Thanks and kind regards


No problem @Stefan. Can you tell me more how you installed passbolt? E.g. which documentation did you follow? Maybe it’s not mentioned there and we can update that.

Hi Remy,

I am sad to say that your suggestion did not work. I tried it first manually, but got an exception:

root@myserver : /var/www/passbolt/bin > ./cake EmailQueue.sender
Exception: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column '
' in 'field list' in [/var/www/passbolt/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Database/Stat
ement/MysqlStatement.php, line 39]
root@myserver : /var/www/passbolt/bin >

Did I misunderstand you or have I to configure something addtional?

The instructions I followed are the one below,

just I did not install MySQL/MariaDB, because I had already a running Instance on my system already. Because of this I just added the IP, the login and the password at the file “passbolt.php”. Find below the part of the configuration:

// Database configuration.
‘Datasources’ => [
‘default’ => [
‘host’ => ‘My IP Address’,
‘port’ => ‘3306’,
‘username’ => ‘My Database User’,
‘password’ => ‘My Password’,
‘database’ => ‘passbolt_db’,

As you can see above I created, before I went ahead, a database with the name “passbolt_db”, because I wanted that the passbolt information is stored in a seperate Database.

Thanks again and kind regards


Hello Stefan,

It seems you do not have the right version of the EmailQueue plugin installed. Can you try the following in your passbolt installation directory:

  • Clea composer cache
    composer clear-cache
  • clear cakephp cache
    ./bin/cake cache clear_all
  • delete the content of /vendor
    rm -rf vendor
  • run composer install again
    composer install

And then try again:
./cake EmailQueue.sender

Hi Remy,

finally it works and I was able to login with my first account after I received the mail. One tip to your topic composer. The command on my system was

php composer.phar clear-cache

and I did not notice that it was already on the system. Anyway I have to learn more about passbolt now!

By the way, I am happy what I saw after I logged in and tried to store my first credentials. But if I could have one wish free I would like to get a possibility to group my credentials like in other password manager as well, even as private person. But because we are looking for a tools like this even for the company I work for, it goes to the right direction:-D

Many Thanks again for your helping hands and kind regards


Glad you could work it out @Stefan. Yes grouping / organizing password is very much an awaited feature. See. As a logged in user I can organized my passwords using categories in the form of a folder tree

This is in the works and will be released this summer.
Have a nice evening.

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