Mobile App links, but after successful passphrase "Something went wrong"

Just updated from 3.4 to 3.5

Healthcheck is happy (including JWT)
SSL Cert is happy (healthcheck, google, firefox)
Running CentOS 7/Apache 2.4 (latest updates)

Able to pair using the mobile App with the barcode.
Asks for passphrase - correctly complains if passphrase is WRONG.
If passphrase is CORRECT, it just says “something went wrong” and won’t continue.

Tested with multiple user accounts. all have the same behavior

verified the problem is present with both IOS and Android mobile app (the IOS says HTTP error, then says ‘something went wrong’)

Hi @pdrangeid :wave:

Did you check our mobile faq : Passbolt Help | iOS / Android Mobile FAQ ?

Apache need an additional configuration.


I hadn’t seen the mobile faq. I added the rewrite rules as documented, but getting the same behavior. Is there a way I can verify those rewrite rules are being applied properly?

Very Strange - the healthcheck was working before, this time I was getting some odd complaints about the permissions to TEMP and to the JWT folder…

I followed the instructions and now it’s working!

My weekend upgrade is complete, AND got wicked fast support on a weekend even!

Thanks! - your help is much appreciated!


You’re welcome, don’t hesitate if you have further questions :slight_smile:
By the way, healthcheck and other passbolt commands must be executed as www-data user for Debian/Ubuntu and nginx user for RHEL variants. If executed as root, temporary files will be owned by root user and unwanted behavior can occur.

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