Passbolt offline install

We want to install passbolt pro edition on an offline environment. No internet connection but we have a local debian apt repository. I tested community version last year, more dependencies were included in the github repositories. What I understand is I have to fetch php dependancies. Composer packages, is that all ?

What are the current steps for an offline debian9 install ? Can we use the installation script ? Some documentation or ideas would be very appreciated.



Yes it’s possible to use passbolt offline, the community edition doesn’t call any external services (the pro edition call some external services optionally such as Duo for 2FA).

From my perspective to install passbolt offline you would need fetch all the dependencies from a machine that has access to internet and then copy the passbolt folder with the composer dependencies on your offline server. From there you can run the rest of the install offline, such as running the install script, and it should be fine.


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