Qr code ios shaky camera

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    Ubuntu 23.04 Docker compose Passbolt:latest, Traefik:latest, mariadb:10.11
    PHP version 8.2.7.
    `JWT Authentication

[PASS] The JWT Authentication plugin is enabled
[PASS] The /etc/passbolt/jwt/ directory is not writable.
[PASS] A valid JWT key pair was found`

The problem is i can’t scan the qr code no matter how hard i try, my camera is a bit shaky. However im easily able to scan the qr code with Denso own app called " QRQR - QR Code® Reader". So i tried scanning it and creating a new qr code that my phone actually can scan. I get “almost there” in passbolt and not able to scan it. Then i restart the app and it says “http invalid” because it was already read…