Recover Group Access

Hi there passbolters!

I had a quick question it appears that one of my groups has lost its group manager. Is there a way I can re add myself as a group manger ?


Hello @exilewolf,

There are multiple controls that ensure a group to be left without manager. Did you or someone from your teams made a direct (and savage) database change ?

To solve your issue you can ask a user with passbolt admin role to update the target group and promote an existing member of the group as group manager.


Hey Cedric,

Yeah I managed to promote a user, The original group manager lost their access and I had to remove the user account. So the issue is sorted, I did notice that if you are not a group manager but you are an admin you still can not add users to a group… Maybe that could be something that can be added to help with administration?


I agree the documentation has to be clear on that point.

Only group managers have the ability to add users to a group, as this operation also requires a user who has an access to the passwords shared with the group in order to encrypt them for the new users.

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