Recovery of account fails with missing server key

  • Recovery of a account with firefox addon on a passbolt pro installation (licensed)
  • second screen shows correct domain name and entry field for server key (“retreiving server key please wait”) and “could not retrieve server key. Please contact administrator.” But none of the buttons is active. See screenshot.

The installation is productive and shows no other errors. Please advise.


This can happen when the public key is not reachable by the server. Double check your configuration of the passbolt server to make sure the public key is stored and readable in your passbolt directory under config/gpg, and that the location match the one described in config/passbolt.php (or your environment variables if you use docker).

Since you are using Passbolt Pro you can also contact us at, for dedicated support on the issue.

correct, I forgot to uncomment the ‘public’ and ‘private’ lines in the config …
Fixed now, thanks for the reply.


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