Regain access to a hidden folder

Hi All,

I am pretty new for passbolt but already read a lot regarding to permissions and roles.
My question is that: I have installed passbolt on my linux and I am an admin in passbolt. And have another user who is not admin but “is owner” of a folder that I cannot see. I just wanted to check how can I regain control of a folder which is not visibly for me. My user has no permission to read or update the folder in question but it is an admin user. How can I list all folders to regain control?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @zhelembai and welcome to the forum!
For security and privacy reasons, you can’t view any passwords or folders that the owner hasn’t shared with you even if you’re an administrator.
You must ask the owner to share the resources with you in order to view them, as this is the only option to gain control in a resource

Thank you very much for your prompt response!
Have a nice day @Termindiego25 !

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