Sharing tags to people and groups


our company would like to use self-host passbolt. we normally work with passwords divided into a folders. We are group of 6 people so we do not work with groups but need to share a folder (which is a project) per person. Is it possible to use the tags for it? How it works? In a demo I can not see any user friendly use. Thanks. Zuzana


At the moment tags do not carry permissions with them, they are just a way to organize password logically but not much else. However your team can select a tag, then select all entries associated with this tag and assign permissions to all these items.

There will be improvements that @abhinav and @cedric are working on right now in the next release to make them more useful: delete, drag and drop to assign entries to tags. Nested folders (with associated permissions) will be delivered this summer.


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