Shared tag management


I tried to find the answer, but couldn’t find the answer, either because my searching skills are bad or it haven’t been discussed yet.

We are service providers, and imported 20+ keepass to Passbolt. But the search functionnality is doesn’t show an entry and see in which folder. So we went with a trial of Pro, which had tags. It work very well, but it seems that shared tags have an unexpected behavior.

For personal tag, I’m able to create the tag first, and drag and drop one or multiple entries in the tag. But for a shared tag, I can’t drag and drop even a single entry (Done with owner of the folder, and PB Admin). I tried to create the tag as a personal, and change it to shared with #, but I get an error that I do not have permission to do so. (I did it with the first account created in PB, with Owner rights on the folders and admin rights to PB)

Is there any other way to edit tags in bulk for entries? Because doing it through the web GUI is going to be a long and painful task…