Simplified setup


I havce seen the “Simplified Setup” in your current road map, any idea to a potential release date ?
I always have problems to set up passbolt, it takes days…

Thank you,


Hello @Bastien

The simplified setup is actually from the user not the administrator perspective. Feel free to elaborate about your pain points when rolling out passbolt, more insights on specific issues would be valuable.


After several days of migration (database dump + gpg keys copied on a new VM), the autofill works well but the website was empty (the password list is empty whatever we select from “all” favotite" or “group” passwords). Even when we create a password it doesn’t appear. All http are 200 in firefox console. All healthcheck are good.

I unsintall the plugin, reinstall it, it fixes the problem, so I ask all my users to do the same. (Work in progress)

Migration difficulties:

  • Offline environment, pro script .sh will not work. I execute it online and get the VM back. We will not have this possibility for future upgrade, offline upgrade (better packaging) would be appreciated.
  • Problem to migrate gpg keys: gpg doesn’t support well keys without passphrase. Passbolt need no passphrase… (fail to import server armored key from the wizard, maybe because I would have had a passphrase, finally I use gpg --import and change the fingerprint in passbolt.php)

Thanks you