Small URL issue when installing passbolt in sub folder

I just finished installing Passbolt on a headless Debian 8 server, and I am trying to install it to its own directory within my web folder. So the structure is essentially www > > passbolt. I have the fullbaseurl set to This works fine, except for when I try to go to the home screen, an extra /passbolt gets added (so the url looks like /passbolt/passbolt/users/login). This isn’t a big issue because I can just click login to get directed to the right page (/passbolt/auth/login) but it would be nice to fix for the sake of completion. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

@erreib yes this is a known issue, passbolt do not behave properly in type of setup. This is something we try to provide better support for in the future with the v2. In the meantime you can try some config tweaks / playing with rewritting rules:

Thanks, that link is exactly what I was looking for! Love the software, can’t wait for autofill and mobile support.

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