Storing Encrypted Images as part of a password entry

Hello everyone,

I am new to pass bolt (self hosted community edition) moving over from KeePass.

In KeePass there is the ability to store images in an entry. The use case is storing an image of a passport or a credit card or driver license. Basically anything personal that If I lost I would be able to have access to.

Does pass bolt support something like this?


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Hi @ScottyGolden,

I’m excited to share that next year, we plan to introduce new content types and expand our data storage capabilities beyond passwords, descriptions, and TOTP.

In the meantime, I have a workaround that might suit your needs, though it’s not the most user-friendly solution. You could convert your image into a base64 string and store it in the description field. I agree it’s not the most practical approach, especially for everyday use, but it could serve as a temporary solution for storing images occasionally until we roll out more content types.

Here’s an example of a tool you can use to convert JPG to base64: Free Online Base64 Encoder / Base64 Decoder Tool -

I understand this might not be ideal, but I hope it helps bridge the gap until we can provide a more integrated solution.

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