The Blog Has A New Home

:tada: We’re shaking things up with the passbolt blog with changes aimed to deliver even better content. Say goodbye to Medium – The passbolt blog is migrating to a Ghost-powered blog, seamlessly integrated into the website. :tada: :rocket:

Here’s the deal: passbolt’s content outgrew its home on Medium, prompting the need for a change. Medium served its purpose, but now the blog needs more freedom, control, and customisation. This move marks just one of the many steps the team is taking to make the website a central hub for all things passbolt. :dash: :partying_face:

Your feedback is so important. So dive into the new blog, explore, and share your thoughts. Your insights play a vital role in shaping how passbolt shares and develops content. :speech_balloon:

Check out the new blog: Passbolt Blog: Resources, Cybersecurity & Open Source News



It is great to see the blog hosted aside the main website :+1: the design is clear and beauful as always :heart_eyes:
I like the floating table of content on the right with the dynamic highlight on the chapter we are currently on :star_struck:

Some ideas:

  • a search form to quickly find an article
  • associate posts with tags to easily associate related articles
  • While clicking on the blog post author, getting a list of all articles written by the author, and/or a bio of the author

Cheers :metal:


Hey @AnatomicJC,

Thanks for that. These are some good ideas and its something we intend to consider for future releases.

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Great ideas. I will add also an icon to return to the top of the page

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