The Power of Moustaches and Community: Passbolt's Movember Journey!

Hello, Passbolters!

November has been an extra special month at Passbolt, not just for the flurry of feature updates and security enhancements but for something a bit more… hairy! That’s right, we’re talking about moustaches! :bearded_person:

This Movember, six of our team members embarked on a whiskery adventure, growing moustaches to support men’s health. Movember, a global movement every November, raises awareness and funds for crucial men’s health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.

Each of them brought their unique style and spirit, making our virtual meetings a sight to behold! :smile:

:star2: Why We’re Doing This

At Passbolt, we’re not just about codes and algorithms; we’re about people. Supporting Movember is our way of showing that we care deeply about the well-being of everyone in our community. We believe in doing our bit to make a difference, no matter how big or small.

:handshake: Join Us in the Cause

While we have fun with our new facial hair, the message behind Movember is serious. We encourage our community to get involved. You can donate, spread the word, or even grow a Mo’ of your own (next year)! Let’s come together for this significant cause.

:speech_balloon: Share Your Movember Moments

Got a moustache story or a photo to share? We’d love to see it! Post your pics, stories, or even moustache care tips on this thread. Let’s make this last Movember memorable!

Learn more about Movember and its impact: Movember Foundation

Stay healthy, stay supportive, and let’s keep growing!


The Passbolt Team


Some mustache care tips from someone who used to have a handlebar mustache:

  • Be patient, it will take a while to grow to a curl-able length and there is a weird not quite long enough phase
  • Start training it early. By training here it means making the hair go more parallel to the lip vs perpendicular
    • This will also keep it manageable on days you don’t want to actually style it
  • Get a fine tooth comb, it’ll help with the training and eventual styling
  • When using styling product get stuff specifically for mustaches and go easy on it the first couple times, always easier to add more than to wash it all out
    • Also helps to have it a little wet when styling
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You are so beautiful guys! Who is the 6th mustachioed? I can see only 5 of you :slight_smile:

That would be @cedric

Can’t wait for a photoooooooo!!! Cedriiiiiiiiiic!!¡!