TOTP is not accessible during filling form

HI, i am giving it another try to passbolt. however, I noticed that in order to copy a TOTP i have to open the vault and search for the TOTP Record entry, VERY INCONVENIENT.
In my opinion, TOTP should with easy access to just copy the entry from the matching record when entering credentials, just like Bitwarden does.
Whats the point of having TOTP on the vault if you are going to need to open the Vault and search for it? its like having to check your phone to get authy TOTP.


Hello @shootify,

We are aware the feature is incomplete, we are iterating on it and more value will be delivered with the coming v4.4.0.

Note that you frustration shouldn’t conflict with the code of conduct “Assume good faith”.


sorry, didnt mean to sound angry… :slight_smile: