Upgrade from 2.13.0 Issue

I have some Issues to upgrade from 2.13.0 / Debian 9.

Finally, after logging in, our passbolt only displayed a white page.

So time for an update. Debian 9 is no longer supported by PHP and Passbold. Unfortunately the attempt to upgrade Dist went wrong. No problem thanks to Snapshot.

So set up a new server Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS. Backup copied over. Ran the dependency script, skipped MySql Setup. So far so good. MySql backup imported.

And then?

The included NGIXN has a strange interpretation of a pem cert. The pem usually includes cert, between certificate authority and private key. The NGX wants this separately and not in pem format even though it is called that.

Since we only use Apache2 or IIS in the company, I will have to swap them.

According to the script, the NGINX only points to its test page, not to the passbolt.

Is the script also available with Apache instead of NGINX?

How do I get this migration to work?

Are there more detailed instructions for this?