Website issues - Missing update docs - Incorrect Patch/Minor explanation

I just noticed a couple minor issues in the documentation on the updates on the website. Not exactly sure where to post this so I’m posting here.

First, I’m looking to update from v1 to v2. I found the page documenting that procedure However that suggests that I should update to the latest version of the v1 branch first. The link takes me to but the title suggest that the instructions are for v2 only. I figure the minor update instructions will work but it would be nice to clear up this confusion.

Related, the update page has incorrect terminology with regards to minor vs patch updates. Basically, the definitions for MINOR and PATCH are swapped from what they should be.


PS, where should such suggestions be made in the future?

Hi @cinderblock,

Thanks for the report. I just published a new version of the help site with your suggestion corrections.

You came to the right place. Also, if you have a github account, you can also make suggestions directly on the help repository. There are also buttons on each help page to take you to the relevant page to edit.