Where can i report a bug about web interface?

Hi !

I juste have noticed a bug in the web interface of Passbolt, but when I want to report it in Gitlab, a notice tells me to make it in the right Github projet, but i can’t find any project for the web interface/client.

Can anybody tell me where i can report my bug, please ?

The bug is this :
If the browser window is less than 1024px wide, the secondary navigation bar is hidden. In this case, it is impossible to change it’s main password, for exemple.
And some other buttons are invisible, too, like the “Plus…” actions button.



You can report interface related bug (which is known) here:


Thank you ! But, unfortunately, i can’t because “Issues” tab is not displayed.
Too bad the project name is not obvious.

@pmo I just actived the section. In general it’s ok if you don’t know where to report a bug out of the repositories that are there, we’ll still take the bug report. Like if you report to passbolt_api instead of styleguide, we’ll still track it.

Thank you, but i want to make it “the good way”. :wink:
I suggest you to update the “warning” message to have links to the differents bugs reports sections. :wink:

One last thing : you told me earlier that this bug is known : can you give me a link to the existing bug report so that i can compare if i have the same bug or if i need to open one more ?

Thanks !

I created a ticket here : Can't change password in small browser Window · Issue #19 · passbolt/passbolt_styleguide · GitHub

Thanks @pmo we will look into it!