Whm/CPanel - 500 Errors - Email and Upgrade

I am using whm/cpanel. I have tried PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, with and without fpm.

Everything works fine in terms on the interface when logging in, but the command line doesnt work, and emails aren’t going out. There’s 500 errors whenever I try to upgrade OR install v2 fresh – but can’t find any logs.

Errors below are all I get thus far. I HAVE had success with emails before, so it’s not like my credentials are whack or anything. The errors below could be from emails and/or upgrading.

[28-Mar-2018 07:02:02 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot use ‘object’ as class name as it is reserved in /home/pbolt/public_html/lib/Cake/Core/Object.php on line 18

[28-Mar-2018 07:04:01 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Purifier’ not found in /home/pbolt/public_html/app/Model/UserAgent.php:82
Stack trace:
#0 /home/pbolt/public_html/app/Model/ControllerLog.php(181): UserAgent::get()
#1 /home/pbolt/public_html/app/Controller/CakeErrorController.php(78): ControllerLog::write(‘error’, Object(CakeRequest), ‘Cannot use &#03…’, ‘CakeError’)
#2 /home/pbolt/public_html/lib/Cake/Error/ExceptionRenderer.php(292): CakeErrorController->render(‘fatalError’)
#3 /home/pbolt/public_html/lib/Cake/Error/ExceptionRenderer.php(213): ExceptionRenderer->_outputMessage(‘fatalError’)
#4 /home/pbolt/public_html/lib/Cake/Error/ExceptionRenderer.php(190): ExceptionRenderer->_cakeError(Object(FatalErrorException))
#5 /home/pbolt/public_html/lib/Cake/Error/ErrorHandler.php(127): ExceptionRenderer->render()
#6 /home/pbolt/public_html/lib/Cake/Error/ErrorHandler.php(269): ErrorHandler::handleException(Object(FatalErrorException))
#7 /home/pbolt/public_html/lib/Cake/Error/ErrorHandler.php(212): ErrorHandler::handleFatalError(64, 'Ca in /home/pbolt/public_html/app/Model/UserAgent.php on line 82

The errors you’re mentioning are relative to a passbolt v1.
Did you follow the following documentation to install/upgrade to v2 ?

I followed the instructions to the T, and now have a 500 error on my site ugh.

Could you provide some logs to help us understand what’s going on ?

@infugia from our experience with supporting passbolt on CPanel and similar distro, all configuration aspects of the web servers, database, etc. are replaced with CPanel specific path, configurations, etc. I’d personally recommend installing passbolt on a vanilla server of a major distribution (debian, centos, ubuntu), as this is where the tutorial and help pages will be the most applicable.

[28-Mar-2018 07:02:02 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot use ‘object’ as class name as it is reserved in /home/pbolt/public_html/lib/Cake/Core/Object.php on line 18

This is typically a message that you get running passbolt 1.x on a php 7.x server.

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