After I have set up everything, I cannot log in with my login information that I made during the installation


I have installed Passbolt on a Debian 12 and everything worked, but now when I try to log in to the Passbolt Database configuration it does not work. I always get this information when I try to log in: “A connection could not be established with the credentials provided. Please verify the settings.”


Is it possible that the credentials to connect to the database were changed?
Try to connect using the credentials provided to Passbolt and if you can’t connect try to recover the access by resetting the password or creating a new user with new privileges

Thank you for your reply,

Im sure that I know the right Password, Username and Database name, but anyways I cant log in to the database configuration…

Do you know how I can reset or recover the Password? Or add a new user in Debian for passbolt?

Thank you very much I appreciate it!

Do you have the root password of the database?
If so you can log in and check what could happened. If not, I’m sure you can recover access but you might search how to do it with your database server.
But first of all, I will try to connect from the same machine as the database server is installed, because maybe the problem is with the listening address and not the credentials.
Try to connect using localhost as the address to connect