As a user I want to import URLs and TOTP from 1Password CSV

I am trying to evaluate Passbolt Cloud for my organization as a replacement to 1Password however am finding it tricky importing our data.

The usernames, passwords and descriptions are coming across fine, however the URLs and TOTP codes are not. Instead, these are blank.

A sample extract of the CSV look like this:


Changing the headers to the following fixes the URL, however the TOTP token is still not imported


Please could you advise how is best to import all the TOTP tokens into Passbolt from a 1Password export, if it’s at all possible?

Yes that’s correct TOTP import from 1password is not supported. Passbolt only TOTP import only works with KDBX file format at the moment (Base32 TOTP only). Maybe it’s possible to export from 1password to KeepassXC and then to passbolt?

@cedric just shared with me a document that contains the mapping of the supported field by provider: Passbolt Matrix for import/export fields - PUBLIC - Google Sheets

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