Cannot generate PGP code

Hi all, I have been having a with my on prem Passbolt Community install.

Everything goes smooth up to creating an OpenPGP key, after entering the details in the wizard, pressing the ‘next’ button does absolutely nothing. Further investigation in the browser developer tools reveals that the function that generates the key is encountering an error.

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: error is undefined
    hideFieldValidationError https://[REDACTED].com/js/web_installer/gpg_key_generate.js:144
    validateForm https://[REDACTED].com/js/web_installer/gpg_key_generate.js:93
    submitForm https://[REDACTED].com/js/web_installer/gpg_key_generate.js:47

I attempted to generate keys on my own system using GPG as per the Setup guide, but when using the generated keys to set up other systems they always tell me that they keys are invalid OpenPGP keys. I am fully frustrated by this process, and I am hoping someone here can help me figure this out, as I am fairly confident that it’s just a mistake on my part.

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hey @ErikHallmark welcome to the forum. Could you give a few more details on your set up here, like which distribution you are installing on? This will help narrow down the cause