Disable export of passwords for user

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I’m searching for a possibility to disable the export of passwords in passbolt pro for some users (or if not possible per user then for all users). How can I achieve this?

Thanks a lot four your help!


Hi @anli,
It is not possible as of now, but it is an easy improvement that we are planning to implement in the very short term.
Please bear with us in the meantime. We’ll ping you once it’s done.


is there any update on this feature?
I’m planning to buy Passbolt but I want to disable exporting all passwords.

This would be great to have, in our usecase we want to minimize the “ease” for induviduals to extract passwords.

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It function can be disabled. Do it in file config/default.php (147 line). Just change it to false.

Actually the best way to do it would be to copy / paste the instructions found in passbolt.php (to avoid git synchronization issues during updates).
Configuration options to disable export are available in the documentation: https://help.passbolt.com/faq/configure/enable-disable-import-export-plugins

Please note: it is currently not possible to disable the feature role wise. It can be disabled either for all, or for no-one. In a future release we’ll provide the option to enable / disable it roles wise.


is there an update for this feature?

Hi @hen the feature is still an all-or-none setting.

Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience. We’re pleased to let you know that version 4.1 of passbolt includes part one of Role Based Access Control (RBAC). This means you can limit the visibility of passwords via the UI and hide the ability to import/export based on user roles. In part two of RBAC, we’ll release API endpoint control and more functionalities. Read more about the new release and let us know if you have any questions.