Dual Domain installation

Can this be configured to run in two domains (wired and wireless) from a single instance? I do not allow cross domain traffic for users but having this application available on both is the goal.
I.E bolt.mydomain.com and bolt.wireless.mydomain.com

Hello @jdeas and welcome to the forum!
To understand your point, why use two domains to separate wireless traffic from wired traffic instead of using the same in both?

It is required due to the content on each network, they have different firewalls etc

As far as I know, it is not possible.
The only way I can imagine that meets your requirements is by having two Pasbolt instances (one per domain) that share the database or have master-slave (but this could have concurrency problems).
I think this could be more problematic than trying to find a way to configure your firewalls to allow the same domain with some rule