Error setting up MFA on the demo

To reproduce:

  1. Create passbolt trial.
  2. After set-up, click on user name in top right of screen.
  3. Click ‘Profile’ from the drop down menu.
  4. Click on Multi factor authentication’.
  5. Click on ‘Google Authenticator’.
  6. Click on ‘Get started’.
  7. Scan bar code with Google Authenticator.
  8. Enter 6 digit code and press ‘Validate’.
  9. Message on screen reads ‘This organisation is missing’.

MFA not available on trial version, or bug?


Ignore this. I just checked the pricing / feature list

Maybe change the error message though? ‘This organisation is missing’ is a bit confusing.

@marktruran actually there is currently a bug on the demo. It’s been fixed in the cloud private beta but not the demo. The demo platform will be discontinued in a few weeks, but i’ll try to get the fix rolled out.

OK, thanks for the response.

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