Error "temporary directory not writeable

Hey guys,
I fixed my error from my last post @ Ngnix default page but missed the 5 days due to kids and family, so here’s a new topic.

After I fixed the default page problem I was able to start the wizard, but the Healthcheck detected a problem.

I searched something on the web and found that the /app/tmp directory could be missind. So I mkdir the directory and chown it to www-data but the problem is still present.

Can anyone help me pls?

Writable refers to the folder permissions.

r (read) has a value of 4
w (write) has a value of 2
x (execute) has a value of 1

For the temp folder:

chmod -R 775 temp
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Hey garett, this wasnt the problem! I followed and there was no line saying that I have to install some of the plugins especially for php manually. So i asked someone who has even setup an installation and he told me that dependencies are missing, there wasnt sth. wrong with the folder.

but thanks to you too! maybe the developers should have a look a their installation script which not works properly?

best, roonix

@roonix can you tell us which dependency was missing?

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