Error: The group could not be saved. Request Entity Too Large

Work with 2.11.0/2.11.1

Like to add a new member to an existing group (the 8. member)

The Webinterface shows an popup with message “… deep breath …”

It shows the decryption of 271 entries and also the encryption of these 271 entries. This tooks about 1 minute.
But at end a little additional message appears:
“Error: The group could not be saved. Request Entity Too Large”

and the new member not arrives within the group

Very bad behavior! The product name is “Password manager for teams” and this task is very essential for this functionality!
There was no problem or warning to extend the group by additional entries (and it makes additional no sense to place them into another group only as follow-up of a technical limit).

Because of th last mentioned behavior I see from the consistency view of application the requirement to secure the possibility of extending the group in this case

Thanks for Your effort even now

Hello @mebersbach,

This is a known issue, you are hitting the request limit size of your webserver. This can be fixed by editing the nginx and php configuration to allow larger requests. See.

We’re planning to split large requests into smaller ones in the future, so that configuration so that it works out of the box as one would expect.


Hallo Remy,

it works. I’am very glad about the short reaction time! Thank You very much!!!

Regards -

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