Failure to load users list; "the bits is not a valid integer"

I’m seeing this issue with a failure (probably in gpgjs): the bits is not a valid integer.


Steps taken (Browser extension v3.0.0 - data issues identified for users using passbolt since v1)

  • I’ve run both datacheck and cleanup; datacheck passes, cleanup notes ‘data looks squeaky clean’.
  • I’ve run the user_id is null / ‘’ -queries, and updated favorites’ modified/foreign_model fields with the specified queries.

Notable: I think that this may be due to some data corruption of users that were not fully deleted (we’ve been running this from at least december 2017). But, that should not break the overview, but should mark those users/groups/etc. as ‘corrupted’ or something like that.

Notable: Running docker (passbolt/passbolt:2.13.5-debian, image pulled ~ last week), mysql (5.7.31).


Can you tell us what issues you are experiencing: are you able to login, etc. which part of the application are usable or not.

Also can you login in your database and do a:

select bits from gpgkeys group by bits;

I suspect you may have bits set to null or something else that would require updating manually the data. I’m not sure how many users are in your case.

Reply from the other thread:

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We can still use the normal passwords overview, login etc. still works, but the user overview fails to load (~ 40-60 users, can’t count them atm)

RE: query:

SELECT bits FROM gpgkeys 


Ok we’ll include a fix for this in the next release (3.0.3). In the meantime you can manually set the values as indicated by @ w4-mana

Thanks I will update the post!

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I’ve indeed applied this fix, and it works. Thanks!