Helm problem. Change APP URL breaks replicaset

Hi there. i’m using helm installation, and problem is in APP_FULL_BASE_URL. If i leave it as is (passbolt.local) i have no problems, except blank screen (cause ingress point to another url). But if i change APP_FULL_BASE_URL to desired - replicaset never goes up.
depl-srv pods logs shows installation loop, and replicaset and deployment cant do heathcheck.

i’m using traefik as ingress controller.

Hi! I couldn’t reproduce your issue. What did was, in a brand new kind cluster, install the official passbolt helm charts with just a change in values file to change the fullBaseUrl:

    # -- Configure passbolt fullBaseUrl
    APP_FULL_BASE_URL: https://test.local

It worked as expected. Could you bring the API logs in order to help you?

you’re right. seems to be a problem with dns. when i changed app url to another, not like it was last time - everything is working fine

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