Install on raspbian buster nginx

I have already a running nginx and mariadb on a raspberry pi 4 (raspbian buster). I use a self hosted certificate and only want access passbolt inside our home over wifi. Currently I have installed bookstack ( and now I want install also passbolt community edition. Can someone help me and describe a way how to do this? In /etc/nginx/sites-available and /etc/nginx/sites-enabled I have a .com file with root /var/www/bookstack/public.
When I installed bookstack, this was the first time I installed nginx and mariadb, so I do not have much knowledge about this.


Hi @Joschua,

Your setup is it outside of the officially supported OS lineup, but if I were you I’d look into the steps for both Debian and “from source” installation instructions.

If you’re also new to Nginx and MariaDB, that makes this project for you… A very ambitious one indeed!

Generally speaking, you’re going to want to download everything to its place, and then manually hook up each part.

  • git repo
  • gpg keys
  • config file change
  • create db
  • connect nginx
  • run cake batch commands via cli to migrate db and run healthchecks

Hi @garrett,

thanks for help.

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