Installed Passbolt, didn't get recovery email when login first time

I did a fresh install of the latest version of Passbolt. During the installation, I configured SMTP server and tested it. I receive the test email.

After the installation, I launched Chrome browser and proceeded to login for the first time. I was presented with Login page (/auth/login?redirect=%2F&locale=en-UK). I proceeded to enter my admin email address and clicked Next button. However I didn’t not receive any emails.

I tried email tester (/usr/share/php/passbolt/bin/cake passbolt send_test_email) and I receive the email.

I tried to look for this page, but appears I must be able to login before I can change any email settings.

What else can I check.?



There is no email check for the first user. That’s why you didn’t get the email validation email.
If you’re not receiving email for example when you do a recover or something else it may be some other isssues (like cron job is not present). See. Passbolt Help | Why are my emails not being sent?

Hi Remy,

Apologies. If I don’t get an email for the first user, then how do I login?
I have checked and the cron job is running.


@albert1 Hi, what guide were you using to install? The official guides on include a link generated on the backend that gives you access on front end for the admin user.