Office365 SMTP: upcoming basic auth changes not affecting SMTP (though MFA + app passwords recommended)

Microsoft is deprecating older Microsoft authentication methods. This has brought into question in other threads like here and here the use of app passwords and whether Microsoft no longer work as an option for sending out passbolt emails.

I will add more as I find it, but here are some references specifically mentioning this.

SMTP is not going to be affected, whether app passwords are used or not:

Microsoft support pages:

Set up MFA and app passwords

Configure SMTP settings for use with Microsoft 365 email

If your Basic Auth for the organization is somehow turned off by Microsoft, enter Diag: Enable Basic Auth in EXO into the help field while on your Microsoft 365 admin center page and then Run the test which will report which protocols you can select to enable. If you already have Basic Auth enabled for the organization, SMTP is not expected to be on the list, because it’s not affected, as stated above. However, you may have to enable Basic Auth in general for your orgnization.