One user - Multiple domains

We’re thinking about hosting passbolt for us (The company).
But we need one core feature:
We need to add Accounts independently from the Servers/Domains.
Is that feature available by default (Business-Version), or do we need the Enterprise-Version (Custom Feature)

I’d like to apologise in case this question has been asked already, but I couldn’t find it.
If this is a feature, it should probably be added to the features list.

Sorry, can you explain a bit more what you mean by this?

It may be related to this feature request:

@remy, thank you for your quick reply, but this isn’t what I meant.
Here’s the problem:
In Office365 you might want to login to the self-hosted exchange server’s ecp with the same account as you’d like to use for onenote in the browser. If you change the password of that account you’d have to change the entries for both and

I’ll give you an example from KeyPass (The only manager with this sort of feature I know): In KeyPass you can add something along the lines of {refByUid:[UID]:userName} to the username field and the counterpart into the password field.
Using tags we could then separate accounts from websites in order to not lose track.

Given that you didn’t understand my request, I’ll assume that no similar feature exists in passbolt. Do you think you might add this feature in future? (This doesn’t have to be official approval)


If understand correctly you would like to have the same secret (password / encrypted part) shared with different resources (name, url, etc.). So that you don’t have to update it twice in passbolt when it changes.

I remember a user once asking for this feature. Is that it?

@remy, yes, this is it.
I see that this suggestion is from last year.
Did anything change since then?
There seem to exist multiple multiple administrators wanting this feature.
How much would it cost to get this feature? (Enterprise plan)
What is the price based on? Time?
Would you suggest it to the team for addition to the business edition?

Hello @Pseudonymous

Unfortunately there was not changes on this request since last year.

We are currently fully booked when it comes to feature development (with folders, custom fields, mobile, ldap auth, etc. an many more), but this is something we could schedule maybe towards the end of the year if all goes well.

If you would be willing to sponsor this feature we could include it the community edition as well. Feel free to reach out to us at that would be an option.

Unfortunately as we are a rather small company I don’t think we can sponsor the feature without even knowing the costs approximately. While this seems like a pretty simple regex filter and request again feature, the price might explode when things aren’t as easy as they seem at first glance, making us unable to pay for it. Though we are testing passbolts other features and might become customers anyway, as a self-hosted OpenSource password manager with libraries for making your own tools is very intriguing. We will however keep this in mind.