Passbolt default page doesn't display

Hi everyone !
I got an issue with Passbolt installation, it’s an issue that other users have already mentionnedn and i’m still on it after a week of working…
I will give u all the information that u need to help me, so don’t be shy and ask for more if u need. U have to know that i’m not a Linux expert, so i can understand a lot of things, but it’s not “simple” for me, as it was for all of u at the beginning i guess.

My goal : Install Passbolt on a Ubuntu VM.

What did i do : I followed the tutorial at

What is my issue : - If i type the hostname in my WebBrowser (the one I register during the installation : i don’t get anything (ERR NAME NOT RESOLVED).
- If i type the IP address of my Ubuntu VM, i get the NGINX default page.
==> Sans%20titre

What do I want (PLEASE) : I want to understand why I don’t get the display I should have, and how to fix it.


Based on the issue you noted, and given that you selected a domain name that is publicly resolvable (, you might want to change the hostname to a domain that you own.

Or, if you are attempting to use for internal use only, you will need to establish a route to your server from your web browser’s machine. If you are trying to access via a laptop, for example, the “hosts” file for your laptop might need to be modified so that it knows which IP to request from. (Or, like the instructions will prompt, just use your IP address for the hostname.)

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