Passbolt doesn't ask to save password after successful login


Wanted to give Passbolt a try but it seems it has some difficulties of actually remembering the passwords after you login to a site.

Seems like the forum is empty of any posts related to Passbolt not being able to save the password after a successful login. Firefox itself asks me to save the password but not the extension.

I’m on Passbolt Cloud for the moment running Windows 10 with a clean Firefox-installation since I want to dump Chrome as the main browser.

Any tips?

Hi @ScopeTwo,

Welcome to the forum. Currently Passbolt won’t propose you to save a password like a browser password manager would. The workflow to work is to first create the entry in passbolt, and then use it on a given page.


Aha, so Passbolt isn’t a browser password manager. I get it.

I see the auto-save feature is in the backlog. Hopefully it will get implemented soon.