Auto-Save dialog box doesn't show up (is partially developed to specs)

Hello everyone,
I recently start using passbolt and currently discover it. I saw that the feature of Auto-save is implemented but it seems that doesn’t work for me.
After seeing the draft of the feature it should ask me to save credential after login to a website, but i have never saw any dialog box.
How can i fix this.

Thanks for your help

Hi @Juganooo,

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I noticed that too, it works on some websites and disregards other websites.

The conclusion I came to was that certain forms are not being picked up by Passbolts extension.

NOTE: Make sure you have javascript enabled as that could also cause passbolt to not recognise the form.

What browser do you use ?

I also noticed on a few sites that when the page gets loaded one the first try, passbolt extension does not show up in the login fields but upon refreshing the page it gets detected. Have you perhaps encountered that?.. or could it just be me lol

Browsers: FireFox 106, Chrome/, Brave Browser which is technically Chrome/


Hi thank you for your response,

That’s why i tried on Linkedin because they show it works. I check javascript is enabled. I even try disable uBlock, still not working.

I also noticed on a few sites that when the page gets loaded one the first try, passbolt extension does not show up in the login fields but upon refreshing the page it gets detected. Have you perhaps encountered that?.. or could it just be me lol

I didn’t notice that

and i’m on
Edge 106.0.1370.52 (just update 107.0.1418.24 still not working)
Chrome 106.0.5249.119


I notice that if your connect on website and for the password you choose generate password even tho it will not works, the dialog box pops with the generated password that you can change with your real password and save. But i don’t think it’s really convenient.

@Juganooo I tried on the forum site login, and it’s not working. I tend to create passwords first… however, I don’t think I myself have ever seen this feature working. And I use the sister Auto-Fill feature all the time.

@max Should it work on the forum site login page? I am seeing no activity and no errors in the extension console after logging in using credentials not already found in my passbolt.

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Yeah that happens too.
Noticed it when I created an account with a website. I generated a password but the moment i registered it popped up with a generate password.

I have not really sat with the Passbolt Source code, I’ll make a VM to mess around with the code to see what I can do and fix. Most of these aren’t really a major issue it’s just an inconvenience.


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I started doing that to avoid the pop up lol, turns out i get a higher entropy when i create the passwords myself.

My Method:

  • Generate Password → cut the password → generate new pass → paste previously generated password → cut the password → generate a new password → paste the password with the generated password.

The entropy usually ends up above 300 or sometimes for certain websites I aim for 500+

Can you expand on what is the sister auto-fill feature ?

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I’m probably going to “step in it” without trying to, but here goes…

The use of the word Auto tends to be interpreted as “hands-off and without interaction”. However, Auto introduces an extra security concern in any context where a high level of control is desired. It is my understanding that the view of the team is the uninitiated use of a password would qualify as a security concern. Therefore, the in-form icon (or extension corner window) needs interaction, but otherwise can perform an auto-fill on a page that matches a stored secret.

In comparison, the saving of a new password would not seem put any existing password at risk, and the expected nature of Auto in this scenario is probably that it is truly hands off after having used credentials in a field in a page that, at minimum, contains html attributes that are sufficient to be caught as actual fields for credentials. This is how it would be in other apps.

These two ideas were developed and rolled out together, with a third: Quick Access. Auto-fill / Auto-save / Quick Access high level pre-specifications - DRAFT

So the specs for Auto Save describe what I am seeing doesn’t work. A little clarity is needed regarding this feature. I don’t think Quick Access is meant to be a stand in for Auto Save, as it’s really not Auto in any way.

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Thank You @garrett for explaining in detail, much appreciated.

I honestly went to check the web store and GitHub to see if i was missing anything. :laughing:

I understand why it would be a concern, if lets say hypothetically it was implemented. The spell-jacking flaw would have caught much more than just the inputted password.

I initiated a mirror of all the passbolt repos.

  • passbolt_api
  • passbolt_browser_extension
  • passbolt_styleguide
  • passbolt_cli
  • passbolt_help

Is there perhaps any documentation on what is needed to rebuild everything myself ?
What stack is used for everything ?

Just trying to help out where and when I can. Do not fear, once I make working a publishable changes, I will contact @remy or @max on where they can find my git server. To my knowledge I assume those are 2 of the devs on the team and from reading the Draft I saw @kevin . What I am doing now on the VM is catching on absolute nonsense haha

Not sure if Discourse allows group DM chats. That would be useful.

Happy Saturday :partying_face:,


You can do that by clicking on the “+” sign:


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The api and extension repos are the two main ones and the READMEs should contain any build instructions. The extension build pulls in the styleguide.

One of the best ways to help is how you have already done so here in the forum, and it’s very appreciated. New users often need help and the team has wanted to enable the app over many different OS flavors and deployments while balancing ease of workflow for the development process and also end-user updates/upgrades.

Another very helpful thing is to bring up any issues of what is not working so that it’s known. Like this thread, for example.

PRs can be made to the respective github repo so the team has the option to access any contributions. Sometimes those contributions are integrated, and sometimes they influence other behind the scenes efforts. If there is a conflict or reason why it can’t be accepted, that is typically noted. It would not be accurate to say that the entire app is community built as the development team is quite focused and historically tight on direction. However, a large portion of fixes and ideas regarding bugs and how to address them certainly do come from the community, if not from actual contributions. And also all of the requested features that eventually become live… these reflect actual business needs of the users.

In these ways, the role of the community and content of the forum are critical to the overall success of the app.


@JamesBond we could discuss about how to get started with the development and how to approach your issue? Let me know if you are interested, we could grab a virtual coffee.

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I created a github issue to follow-up on this problem: In-form integration doesn't always display passbolt icon in credentials fields · Issue #159 · passbolt/passbolt_browser_extension · GitHub

The team is currently working on this bug along the manifest v3 maintenance task. To be brief, there is an issue with the navigation events.

@cedric There’s also the original question here about Auto-Save not working. I don’t think I know about this feature enough, can you confirm if it should be working as in the original specs?


The auto-save is triggered only when a password is generated in a form via the passbolt widget.

It is correct, the described user story is part of the original functional specification but has been excluded from the first work package. Happy to open a ticket to take care of this.

Internal reference: PB-19668


For sure, will get back to you on the virtual coffee :coffee:. Probably in this week, i’ll drop you a DM. See when both of us are available :slight_smile:


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