Passbolt Extension Crashes Chrome

We are currently in a beta test for Passbolt for just about everyone, it is working just fine. I have one user when she installs the extension on Chrome, the browser crashes and the only way to move forward is to remove it. She is running windows. I have 2 others (including myself) who are on windows. Had our help desk look at it and they couldn’t find anything and I am not sure how to troubleshoot something like this.

Edit: The issue doesn’t happen in Firefox


Passbolt alone should not be able to crash the browser. But we’ve seen this in the past and it generally is a bug with the browser.

  • What is the OS version?
  • What is the Chrome version?
  • Are there other extension installed?

Have you tried to troubleshoot using the step described here?

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Windows 10 (fully patched)
Chrome (latest version)
We removed chrome and re-installed with no extensions. My colleague who is watching this topic can confirm this.

Hi Remy,

Thanks for including the article - all steps were attempted.
The computer is new (in use less than a month), No malware present, we’ve restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled both chrome and the extension. The last I saw the app also crushed by just logging into the the site (not even using the extension, just log in and try to view a pw shared)

I was discussing with Inbar today. Apparently this problem isn’t limited to Chrome. It, in fact, happens in all browsers. Are there any requirements in windows to run the plugin?

@skione no special requirements for windows. What is troubling is that it is hapenning only for one user. One thing I can think of would be some hardware issue (for example OpenPGP.js using GPU features for some crypto operations) and that this user particular setup causes chrome to crash. That could be some hardware/software integration bug.

We have seen this kind of issues before on some Apple computer with a given version of a graphic card, where the quickaccess would freeze (but not crash). We have also seen OpenPGP.js crypto code crashing chrome before (that was a chrome bug).

Could you tell us more about the hardware? Could you check if other users with exactly same hardware are having similar issue (to rule this out?).

Generally speaking, the browser crashing is a browser bug btw, that might be useful to report this to chrome tracking system, as this may have security implications.

Inbar is using a Dell XPS as am I so it isn’t specific to the model.

As I mentioned this isn’t a chrome specific bugs, all browsers are the same, do you think we should still report to Chrome?

The JS you are reporting is this in use by the plugin?


Does it crash at the install of the extension? Or while doing something? That might be specific to that user key if it crashes all browsers.

It installs without issue and then once you login to the website it crashes the browser and you have to kill that tab.

Does it crash after or during the login?

Inbar informed me it happens during login