The features as close to Last Pass as possible

For some reason the other post I wrote back on June 7th got cut off, so I’m trying this AGAIN. Nope, it wasn’t cut off, that’s how it shows up in my profile I guess.

Please can someone respond to my questions?

Just to be clear, this is a combination of features I need, plus issues I have been having with LP & even more issues since their last update.

What’s most important to me is:

1. You have an export feature that will export BOTH logins and forms, not just logins.
2. Form fill & also within the actual field by right-clicking.

I’ll explain how LP broke it 2 updates ago to make sure you have what I need.

When I right click in a form/app, it should give me the ENTIRE list of all of my form fills (I have a lot).

LP broke it so only 6-10 showed up & I was forced to use the browser button making me waste time.

Just like with p/ws, I should be able to right click in the field & choose the e-mail or address to auto fill into the form.
3. When I say form fill, I mean being able to store everything from addresses, credit cards to tons of different e-mails, different client names & e-mails, etc.

They even have a notes area in there which I do use occasionally for birthdays, etc.
4. Passwords - autofill & auto login.
5. When I change a p/w on a site, it asks me if I want to change it.

It used to ask me all the time, then it just started doing it automatically & there are times when it tries to do it even when I am not changing the p/w, like when I type in a captcha code.

I want to make sure that my next app doesn’t just update a p/w that doesn’t need to be updated.
6. Sharing my p/w via e-mail (the other person obviously has to have the same app that I will be chosing) with the option to not show the p/w or to unencrypt if I want to show it.

LP’s version of this was broken. Sometimes it worked, other times it didn’t.
7. The vault which really is easy to use when needing to delete tons of entries & also being able to search for a specific site.
8. A test that shows me if any of the p/ws are duplicates.
9. The security challenge which I never have time to address, but I know it’s probably needed.
10. Of course it creates p/w for you & I get to choose how many characters, with or without special characters or numbers. LP has checkboxs for this.

Amazingly there are still terribly coded insecure sites out there that don’t allow for special characters or numbers.
11. When you have tons of logins for the same site, it’s easy to scroll & find the one you need. LP ruined it & now it’s very hard to scroll & find the entry I’m looking for.
12. Easy to copy the UN or p/w to clipboard.
13. How often do you have issues with it auto filling the login?

With LP, ever since LogMeIn got their hands on it, it’s been terrible how many sites it doesn’t auto fill now, or even when I force the auto fill it will fill in the p/w, but not the u/n or vice versa.

LP blamed it on the way sites are now putting the login in a popup (which is true & I don’t like it), but even on sites without the popup it’s not filling in the login & that’s even when I tell it to fill it in.
14. I see LP came out with a “recently used” button which seems handy, I’ve just never used it or even seen it until now.
15. I need it to sync to all computers & my Android.
16. Now I’ve never had LP auto fill anything on my Android. Maybe once I was lucky, so I have to manually copy the UN & p/w each time.

How does your app do it?
17. LastPass keeps a local copy of your passwords on your device, and has an offline mode that allows it to use the local copy when the server is unreachable.
18. Sharing p/ws with others who use LP & being able to hide the p/w & just let them login with the login

Please tell me if Passbolt has what I need.

Thank you

Hi @RapidFinancial,

Most of the features you are listing, especially with regards to form filling, are not supported by passbolt at the moment. You can try the demo online: .

Here is a quick yes / no:
Not supported: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18
Supported: 4, 6, 7, 11, 12
Not sure what you meant: 9

From what i’m reading it doesn’t seem like passbolt would be a right fit for you.


That’s too bad.

Thanks for letting me know this time.

All the best